Hello random stranger,

Let me introduce myself first in case you’re wondering where exactly you stumbled on while browsing the internet.

Who am I?

My name is Allen Guarnes, a freelance web designer, a professional developer, and an amateur musician from the Philippines. I talk about things that interests me here, may it be about my personal experiences, gaming, music, programming, technology, current events, etc. It’s very random, but I think that keeps everything interesting and personal.

The things I do

I tend to do a lot of things on the web because I’m pretty much always online.


I often work freelance for Odoo projects.


This one is more of what I do outside the web, but some of my songs are online for you to check out.

I’m in a band called There’s ERA. Do check it out! I love writing and singing songs about experiences a lot of people can relate to. For cover songs, I sometimes perform with my friends at The Lan Party on Youtube.


Once in a blue moon, I stream myself playing games on Twitch. You can check me out at twitch.tv/BoredBrownBear.